Fulki’s Food Statement :-)

Fulki’s relationship with food is a very strong one. Like most human beings, Fulki’s employees also love good food. Eating is a joy which we cannot be completely happy without. What makes this relationship stand out is the way in which Fulki actively promotes the appreciation of and love for different types of food.


Fulki’s team members bring home-cooked food to work and we all believe in the adage- “Sharing is Caring”. Of course, the food tasting is followed by feedback and suggestions on how to add a twist to the dish. Fulki is thus a cultural hub– it is a place where people can sample food of many different kinds, enlarge their food horizons, and disclose their personal opinion about it.

In addition to the food which we bring with us, we routinely order food from nearby food joints. This too serves to diversify and refine our eating sensibilities. In fact, ordering food has become an instinctive and almost educational exercise at Fulki – so much so that the guy who takes our orders gets jittery if we haven’t ordered anything in a while!


Even when we try different kind of food when we’re not in office or discover a new way of making a dish, we always report our experiences on our return. From Indian to Italian to Chinese—our food adventures continue.

Clipart Illustration of a Burrito Plate ( Mexican Food )

All our culinary tastes and eating habits are thus shaped by the wonderful occupants of Fulki’s office. In conclusion: We have a very high degree and intimate love of food!

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