Fulki offers creative communication solutions that help organisations deal with burning issues related to sexual harassment and gender equality.

Our Break The Silence Offerings for men and women:

Graphic Stories are impactful, and engaging visual case studies which help readers filter and quickly understand key messages related to Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) and Gender Equality.

Learning Sparks – our byte-sized micro learning video series successfully enhance awareness and understanding about POSH and gender equality.

Our micro e-learning module with an evaluation and certification based online-game helps employees the nuances of sexual harassment and ways to prevent and avoid it.

Face-to-face classroom learning modules based on accelerated and integrated learning tools, encapsulate case-study driven byte-sized learning videos, role plays and activities that create awareness and help employees understandwhat constitutes sexual harassment.

Our Handbook is an inspiring aide to reflection and learning on POSH.

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