Storytelling is the key to driving social impact, succeeding in business, strengthening organisational culture, and drumming up support for advocacy and campaigns.

We are Storytelling Experts

Storytelling to communicate social impact

One of the most effective tools to deliver social impact even for complex issues is stories. Our compelling stories touch the heart, and connect with your audience through their values, emotions and imagination.By balancing emotions with rational facts to become drivers of real change.

Our storytelling also creates a positive buzz around the success and impact of CSR initiatives. It spotlightsthe ‘what’ and ‘how’ of social initiatives to engage people in new and exciting ways, generating interest, financial aid, global partnerships and potential for global levels of interactivity.

Making Skilling Inspirational through Role Modelling Stories
Building Large Scale Awareness about Livelihood Options through a Comic Story
Educating Street Hawkers on Food Safety & Hygiene through Story-based Learning

Storytelling to reinforce organizational values and Employee Value Proposition

Stories are a wonderful way to reinforce desirable behaviors, inculcate values, find solutions for ethical and value dilemmas, and explain core organizational processes.

We have successfully used real life stories to show case role models in the organization, boosting pride and creating desired organizational culture.Our well-crafted stories have featured in coffee table books, comic storybooks and as posters, café mats or posters, to share successes and important initiatives.

Whether graphic, comic or narrative, these stories catch the imagination of every age group including millennials, and all functions whether plant and factory workers or office goers.

Narrative Storybooks and Coffee Table Books

We craft human stories that generate pride, create role models, strengthen organizational culture and engage your audience in the story telling process.

Stories make Skilling Inspirational through Role Modelling
A collection of memorable Stories in a Coffee Table Book to re-inforce Mahindra Rise EVP
This Coffee Table Book is a collection of Stories showcasing the Employees’ Innovation Projects

Graphics and Comic Storybooks
An impactful, entertaining,visual tool which helps readers filter and understand large amounts of material quickly

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