Life in the Office!

There is no doubt that life in Fulki’s office is extremely special. It’s always great to come to office, and not just because the air-conditioning provides an escape from Delhi’s weather.

Although not all that big, the office is bright, spacious, and immediately refreshing. The walls are all white, with bright yellow coloured softboards in front of the work areas. This is fitting since that yellow is also our company colour. Office employees have written notes about each other, and these have been pinned up on the soft boards, reflecting how fond we are of each other. There is a separate area with a table where all of us eat our lunch together. A small kitchen area is also present, and it is here that Pinky prepares her one-of-its kind coffee for us.


Being in the office, working and eating together, reading these notes, and sharing magical moments together brings the Fulki family closer everyday.

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