The Emotional Connect

Fulki’s method of branding aims to create strong and lasting emotional connections with the target audience through a variety of methods. This is our chosen strategy and is the form in which we offer value to all of our clients. This strategy is based on years of experience by companies and branding experts.

Experience has shown that the instances when communication works is when both the speaker (the brand) and the listener (the target audience) form an emotional connect. This has been vetted time and aain by branding experts, and is further backed up by the success of brands that are able to form strong emotional bonds with their audience.

Daryl Travis, CEO-Brandtrust and author emotional branding argues that successful brands exist when the marketing forms emotional connections to consumers. Marc Gobe, a branding guru, was also a huge believer in the benefits of emotional branding.

I Love My Brand

We at Fulki specialise in creating communication bridges that connect the two points, sparking the emotional connect and creating magic! Using this powerful strategy we have been able to help many organisations, like PepsiCo, Mahindra, and Harvard Business Publishing, to build their brand among their key stakeholders.

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